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Friday, April 13, 2007

Do you like the Easter Bunny?

Daddy wanted all 3 pictures of the Easter Bunny Nightmare on the blog so that all could laugh. Alan said thay Annie the Dog has been telling Jack ugly things about bunnies and that is why he is so angry that we wanted him to sit next to him. Alan enjoy! LOL
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Have you been to the zoo?

Well we bought a zoo membership and have been 3 times so far. Usually we go with Veronica, Paul and Ferlie. Jack sure exercised his pointer finger saying 'oooh'. He liked the monkeys best on the first visit but the last time (without a camera) he laughed every time the elephants talked. Oh and the soft play area gets his #1 for best playground. We saw monkeys, zebras big birds (jack says) and meerkats. Of course he really did not care for the underground section that is why he is pouting in the first picture.
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Mommy Love

I just loved this picture!
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Spring time!

Here are some pictures that I have taken since the blog has been down. As you can see Jack really likes being outside. Slides with Sissy are the best, but also sliding alone is fun too. jack loves BALLS and feeding the ducks.
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Computer Breakdown... We're back...

After a month of computers gone bad, we called in Jack the Computer Specialist. Hew was able to fix the problem computers so that we could update the blog for all our faithful blog viewers to see some updates.

Here is a picture of the specialist at work. He will be passing out buisness cards for future jobs.

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Easter time!

Easter Time with Jackson. We had 3 egg hunts and one BAD visit with the Easter Bunny. The weather was different for every egg hunt from warm and beautiful to Freezing. He like to get the eggs and open them up each time he touched an egg. He was pretty excited about his basket as you can tell. Nana was here for Easter too and she helped Jackson with the Freezing egg hunt.
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