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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Birds, Birds and more birds!

This past week Jack and I went to the zoo 3 times. Sunday with daddy, Wednesday we went with some friends and Friday we went all my family that was visiting. Each time we went he went to the birds. He loves following them around. Not so sure about touching them.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We have a REAL walker.

Jack is officially a walker. He walks and runs more than crawls. I am not so sure why we were so eager for this day cause now he is so fast. He will do any thing to get his hand on a ball (see the pictures). When he gets out the front door he runs down sidewalk and driveway towards the playground. It's like he knows that is where the fun is. We can't hang out in front to often since we are so close to road. WOW he is growing up so fast, sniff, sniff. It makes me sad.
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My little LUV bug!

Just too cute for words! Picture taken by Aunt pammie!
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Jacks new yard

This weekend nana bought Jack a new play thing for the backyard to climb on. So we (me and nana) put it together then set it up in the yard, put down 18 bags of pine much around it for safety, moved sandbox (with 150 lbs of sand) to the play area and planted monkey grass surronding new play area. Whew! We were tired but it was awesome to look down on our nice work and Jack loves it so it was all worth it. Thanks NANA for helping me out this weekend!
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Strawberry pickin'

On our last trip to Alabama we did some strawberry pickin'. Jack loved it and was really getting into it. My kids usually don't like strawberries but they were both pickin and eatin. Something is sooo good about fresh warm strawberries. Victoria had her boot on but she still figured out how to walk and pick. Elizabeth and Garrison were red from all the red dye.
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