It's all about Baby Hatch!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Big Boy!

Just Joking! I am not Britney Spears (hee hee) they were just sitting in the driveway. My favorite men. Posted by Picasa

Jackson with a few of his friends.

We went to a mommy brunch today (organized chaos). There was 12 moms and about 20 kids in age ranges from 8 weeks to 4 years and every thing in between. We made homemade pizza the kids seemed to enjoy. Posted by Picasa

What a big boy he is becoming.

Jackson is growing so fast and all at once. He has 2 teeth, crawling (not pretty but he gets there), pulling up and trying to talk. I am happy and sad all at once. It is going to fast. Yesterday our baby was 8 months old! sniff sniff. Posted by Picasa

Mommy, I'll help you with the laundry!

Jackson trying to help mommy with the laundry. Actually I did not have a free hand so I put him in the basket since he runs away otherwiese. TOO CUTE! Posted by Picasa

Jackson's first pop sicle.

Jackson eating a bannana pop sicle at the Wilson County Fair. He seems to enjoy the cold pop on his 2 NEW teeth. It was SOOO hot! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nana was here!

Nana came up for a visit. She brought a stuffed cow for baby, Annie got really jealous. Saturday we went to a birthday party and Sunday was a special church service outside at the lake. Fun was had by all. Posted by Picasa

What you looking at?

Jackson hanging out on sissy. We were at the lake for a church service. That is the best way to have church outside and lounging around. Posted by Picasa

Chicks Dig me!

What else can I say? Chicks Dig me! (check out my what my shirt says) Posted by Picasa

Just hanging out...

Jackson with his 'girl' friend, Kathryn. Could this be our first 'play date'? Posted by Picasa